Buenos Aires

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I’m living with Mike and Emmy and Zviah in Buenos Aires! It’s really fun. I love it. We arrived on Tuesday November 14th. We’re staying in San Telmo for the first few weeks, and then we’re moving into a long-term apartment in Palermo Viejo on December 1st. Buenos Aires is reminding me of every foreign city I’ve ever visited, all mixed into one! That is, Paris + Barcelona + Santo Domingo + Mexico City = Buenos Aires! It’s so beautiful and incredibly old, like Paris – but it’s also very bright with colors and patterns, and a bit gritty and shabby in spots. It’s spring right now so the weather is beautiful and everything is very green. I just wish I could speak spanish a lot better, I am getting around with beginner-level Spanglish and a lot of silly hand gestures. I’m just doing freelance work here, so I’m hoping to have more time to focus on all kinds of creative pursuits. I’ll have a studio in the new apartment and I’m excited to get set up and start making and doing! Hopefully lots more posts to come on this subject.

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