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my favorite word of the day: POPCHOCLO! = popcorn.
best misuse of english: a billiard parlor named “NEW MOUSTACHE”
Somebody recently recommended the Coffee Break Spanish podcast and I love it! It’s like those learn-spanish-while-you-drive language cassettes, but it’s funner and it’s MP3’s and it’s from Scotland so they have really cute Glaswegian accents. It’s very basic beginner level, and each week there’s a new 20-minute episode covering new material. You can get it as a free podcast from the apple store, or you can listen from their website.
Tune in and then come visit Buenos Aires to try out your Spanish! Actually the Argentinian Spanish sounds different from Spain or the rest of Latin America, so many of the words taught in Coffee Break Spanish will sound a bit different in Argentina. But it’s still fun and helpful for starting to learn Spanish!

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  1. breathingplanet

    hey eliza…
    great stuff!
    i will keep checking this.
    missss you!

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