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This is old news but I was just reminded that it’s something cool I want to share. In October I worked on a really fun project, constructing a very special hand puppet, Milton the Magical Flying Tiger. Milton is from Mexico, where he lived at the very top of a magical mountain. He loves to eat marshmallows and macaroni!
Milton went to live in a magical zoo as part of Crazy Dreams, a Halloween house for kids ages 2-10 at the Clemente Solo Velez Cultural Center in the Lower East Side.
Kerri Mahoney was art directing the house and I was very excited when she asked me to contribute a magical animal puppet! Milton took a couple of solid weeks of hard work. Making big squishy animals is harder than it looks. He’s made of felt and thread and stuffing and glue and cardboard and and plenty of blood, sweat and tears. He’s got a soft fuzzy furry belly and he likes tummy rubs.
Milton was on the TV! NY1 News did a little story about fun halloween activities for kids: NY1 archived story

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