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This is pretty old news, but I keep coming across mentions of this guy everywhere. A couple of weeks ago I heard him on the Brian Lehrer show and read a big feature about him in the New York Times on the same day.
In case anybody hasn’t heard yet, this New York City dweller, Colin Beavan, has set out to document one year in which he (and his wife, toddler daughter and dog) attempt to make no impact on the Earth’s environment. He has a book deal, so it’s kind of a publicity stunt, but I think it’s not a bad thing to bring public attention to something so personal and I like to see hype about urban environmentalism. I know there are lots and lots of us who try to avoid waste in our lives by living in cities, walking, riding bikes, subways and buses, buying local foods, not turning on the TV and air conditioner, not taking plastic bags or buying unnecessary or overpackaged products, etc etc. We don’t all need fanfare and book deals, but I think it’s great to see this way of thinking and living show up in the media, and hopefully it inspires more and more of us think about how much we impact others through the way we live, the things we buy, and the things we consume. I think an important part of understanding our impact is not just looking at the way we affect the environment, but also looking at the ways our choices directly impact other humans, such as the companies we do business with and the ways they treat their employees.
I hope that this inspires me to be more conscious in my choices!

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