Buenos Aires Spanish Program

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Spanish Class
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Los dos semanas pasadas, asistí una escuela en Congreso para aprender Español. Me gusta mucho, y quiero sugerir a todos quien quieren aprender castellano en Buenos Aires. I am feeling really excited about how much Spanish I’ve learned, I am still humbled by toddlers who can speak better than I can, but I can actually kinda have conversations instead of just nodding my head and smiling vaguely while I wonder what’s going on.
I liked this school because they let you sign up anytime, for just one week at a time, which works well with my erratic work schedule. It’s cheaper than taking private lessons and it’s fun being in a group class! There are up to 5 people per class, and for around US$100 per week (it’s cheaper if you continue for several weeks), you get 4 hours of class each day: 2 hours of grammar and then 2 hours of conversation. It is also nice that they cover some tenses and grammar used by other countries outside of Argentina, not just the idiosyncratic Rioplatense castellano spoken here. Fun times!!

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