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went to see Phoenix on Sunday at La Trastienda Club in San Telmo. they were really fun. They sounded a bit more like The Strokes than I’d expected. The only thing that was disappointing was the seating arrangement. The club has little tables with chairs, and we’d (foolisly) paid a bit more to reserve ourselves a chair at a table right up front! Last time we went to a show at this club, everyone stayed in their seats, while the “standing” audience lurked around the back and sides, and it was nice to have a chair. But this show was a lot more energetic, and everyone just rushed to the front to jump around and stuff. It was funner that way, it wasn’t the kind of show that people should stay in their seats for. But I felt a little silly for getting the seats. We didn’t see Sofia Coppola in the audience but we thought she could’ve been there somewhere, because the lead singer Thomas Mars is her baby daddy, and also because her daddy Francis Ford Coppola is living in Buenos Aires these days.

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