Bronx mansion

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I love this story. I love the picture of this beautiful, creepy piece of history sitting in the middle of an ordinary neighborhood. It reminds me of some of the glorious, dilapidated houses I admired in Brooklyn when I lived in Bed-Stuy, and it reminds me of Buenos Aires too. You can’t look at a place like this without wanting to know its story.

It makes me happy that someone has enough money to buy this place and enough sense to respect the house and its history.

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  1. stephanie

    hey Eliza! its me, STEPHY, your cousin! I have been reading your blog and i love it!It makes me miss you more, though. so sorry to read about your emergengy visit. I also love your new website for your rock! I will be able to keep in touch with you more often because my friend Nancy 3 hoffman is going to give me her old laptop! How lucky am I?! Here’s a website showing her playing the accordion:
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