yaay! thanks poppytalk.

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this morning brought me another nice write-up about Morris & Essex on the design blog poppytalk!

poppytalk is a fun blog, I love her current series of interviews about collections and collecting. the pictures below are from the collections of San Francisco artist Lisa Congdon.

This last picture, the typewriter ribbon tins, is from the collection of Calgary designer Janine Vangool, and it caught my eye because of the Webster tin in the lower right-hand corner, I have the same one! It was a gift from Alicia and Kathy, I’m pretty sure that Kathy found it somewhere in her mother’s amazing house full of stuff and it’s one of my favorite items in my studio. I use it to hold my huge supply of extra x-acto blades.

These stories about collections make me a little nostalgic for all the cool junk I used to have before I gave away all my stuff and moved to South America.

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