Montevideo here we come!

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We’re still here on tourist visas, which means we have to renew them every three months. We braved the bureaucratic maze of the Migraciones office in Buenos Aires to get ours renewed three months ago, but you can’t do that twice in a row, so this time we really have to leave the country and come back in again! Usually we go across the river to Colonia, Uruguay for a day, which is lots of fun but after the fifth trip, it’s getting a tiny bit boring. So we decided to go a bit further and spend the weekend in Montevideo, Uruguay! You take the same ferry across to Colonia, and then get on a bus up to Montevideo. We’re expecting a chill, laid-back weekend of strolling, sitting in cafes playing cards, exploring and walking on the beach! In truth, most people in Buenos Aires really have nothing good to say about Montevideo, like “if you want to be in a city, stay in Buenos Aires! why bother going to Montevideo, it’s small and boring!” but I’m sure it will be fun just to get out of town and see a new place. Also, I love beach cities so I think I’m going to enjoy it. Of course, I’ll post pictures and stories when we get home!

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