"sos extranjera?"

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life has been totally totally nuts lately. the greatest point of craziness was saturday, when we were simultaneously moving into our awesome new apartment, WHILE cooking thanksgiving dinner for twenty people. we made a morning run together, carrying boxes from Diaz Velez to Ravignani. Then I started baking the pies while Mike and Jonathan made another trip to pick up more boxes and stuff. I was rummaging through boxes digging for spoons and saucepans while basting the roasting chickens and whipping mashed potatoes all at the same time. Anyway, dinner was really delicious and fun (lots of friends brought tasty dishes too!). It was great to have our house totally filled with food and wine and friends on our very first day. now i’m getting ready for my trip to the USA, i’m leaving in less than two weeks and I have SO much work to finish before I go.

today I called a flete service to arrange a truck to carry the last of our boxes and big stuff over to our new apartment. after talking to the guy on the phone for a minute, he asked, “sos extranjera?” = “are you a foreigner?” which made me smile and laugh because he had to ask me!! like, we actually had a conversation in spanish on the phone for a full minute before he realized that I’m not from here and I talk funny.

Phone calls have been the scariest thing for me here, it’s so hard for me to have a conversation in spanish over the phone and I used to be way too terrified to make any phone calls, which made life really complicated and difficult. During my first year here, whenever I did make a phone call, it was just a lot of shouting “what?” “can you please repeat that?” and feeling impotent and frustrated and i’d hang up the phone having no idea what just happened. In person I can rely on body language to tell me a lot, even if I don’t understand a single word. Anyway, now it’s really gotten much easier and these days I feel brave and optimistic whenever I pick up the phone.

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