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i just noticed that i passed blog post #100! i think this is actually #101. although that count includes all the ones that i’ve started and never finished, or deleted. Anyway, wow! 100. So, a post about numbers. I really like numbers, mostly on an aesthetic basis. (The tickets pictured above are from an awesome website which I will probably have to discuss in a later post.) When I started this blog a few years ago i basically wanted to see if i could form a new habit and stick with it, and I’m sort of pleasantly surprised to look back and see that yes, I can. I always wished I kept a journal but never could do better than writing one page and then misplacing/forgetting about the journal. Really it’s been the move to Argentina that has kept me attentive to the blog, as i a) have more time to waste and b) miss everyone back home and want to communicate. So, hooray for sporadically documenting my banal observations, and hooray for all three (or four?) of my readers, I love you!
Also on theme, I recently turned 31, so that is another number. In spanish you literally say “I completed 31” which I think is nice. I do feel that I’m older than I used to be, sometimes i feel wiser, sometimes i just feel that I am creeping closer to the grave. In general though, I am positive on getting older. I like it. I think that in the united states our culture is very youth-centric and squeamish about aging, especially in regards to women. I won’t argue that youth culture isn’t interesting, but I will say that growing up is underrated. And no, I am not going to buy any stupid beauty products to make me have less lines on my face, I am proud of them.

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  1. bubigoldie

    Hi Eliza – Happy Birthday – you can count of me as one of your 3 or 4 readers – I have been following your blog since Michael introduced me to it some time ago – At least I get to know what is going on with the 2 of you since Michael is not that swift in calling or answering my e-mails – I really enjoy reading your blogs – keep it up – Hope you have a nice trip to Brazil whenever that may be – Have you heard – Sarah is having a girl – isn’t that great!
    Bubi Goldie

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