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new card designs! updating my website! organizing my hard drive!
i don’t have any freelance projects right now :/ which is something that i kinda always want – because i love having creative time to myself!! – but also scary because i need the paychecks, ya know. and i don’t know when i’ll have work again. freelance life is such a constant roller-coaster. anyway, this down-time is filling my mind with lots of fun project ideas. but for now, i’m trying to focus on Morris & Essex. I’ve made some sweet new card designs (see above!) and i am now updating my website with the new designs, and thinking about how I can sell more cards! publicity is the hardest part, but it’s also probably the most important. of course, i’ll post all the new stuff when it’s ready to share.

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  1. I am so sorry to read about Zviah. I found your posting from January as i was searching for info on our greyhound’s littermates. Our greyhound is Hudson (Sail on Duke) and looks exactly like Zviah – so cool they are brother and sister. He too sleeps with his legs in the air and tongue hanging out. He hates thunder and fireworks. We adopted him in August 2004 in Louisiana. We currently live in Missouri. Sorry for your loss of Zviah – it seems she lived each moment to its fullest.

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