bottled water is stupid

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kinda gimmicky, but if i still lived in new york i would TOTALLY buy this. from their website: “Tap’dNY is a New York City bottled water company with a local twist and knack for honesty. We don’t travel the world from Fiji to France seeking water or offer the usual bottled water gimmicks. We work with NYC’s public water system to source the world’s best tasting tap water, purify it through reverse osmosis and bottle it locally, leaving out ludicrous transportation miles. We offer an honest and local alternative to thirsty New Yorkers, giving them a smarter choice: to drink their own (award winning) water.”
the thing about new york is that no matter how much i hate paying $2 to buy a plastic bottle full of water, i sometimes have no choice because i’m walking around all day, it’s hot, i’m dehydrated, and there’s not exactly a water fountain on every corner. i try to carry around a nalgene bottle or something but sometimes it runs dry or gets left at home. so anyway, this company sells NYC tap water (which is supposed to be some of the best in the country) in a bottle. It makes a lot more sense to drink “local” water than to drink water shipped from france or maine. idunno how much it costs, but it better be cheaper than evian or poland spring.
on the same topic, Poland Springs company sucks water out of lots of towns around Maine, not just Poland Springs, and while they make gobs of money selling it around the world, not everyone in Maine is psyched about having their natural resources sucked out from under them and sold to profit corporate giant Nestle.

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    There are quite a few organizations in Maine fighting Poland Spring/Nestle’s water withdrawals, including two in Fryeburg – a small town which has endured five lawsuits and appeals by Nestle.

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