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more nice publicity for Morris & Essex


On Monday Design*Sponge ran a little set of photos of our house. It’s part of a weekly series called Sneak Peeks where they show photos of different artists’ and designers’ homes and spaces. I’m a regular reader of Design*Sponge, it always perks me up to look through Grace’s daily picks of interesting and inspiring designs. So I was really honored to be asked to send in pictures of my home!!
It’s also exciting because I really totally love this apartment, I feel so much at-home here, it’s like a physical manifestation of my colorful, convoluted, cluttered and drafty mental space, I still feel really lucky we found this place!… so I am psyched to be able to show off our fabulous apartment to the world… But most of the interiors they feature are so very clean and tidy and smooth and look like they belong on glossy magazine pages… so I was a little apprehensive about whether our, uh, rustic apartment would fit into the series.
To do the photo shoot, I decided I could really use professional photography help and our friend Stephen put me in contact with his friend Caitlin, who turned out to be very nice and absolutely professional and talented. I made some cute new curtains for the kitchen, bought lots of flowers, Mike and I cleaned the heck out of the apartment. At the last minute, frustrated by a few unsightly objects and stacks of clutter that I couldn’t find homes for, I did hide piles of junk into the oven and the bathtub.
In all, it was a ton of fun doing the photo shoot and the pictures came out looking beautiful. Caitlin has a great eye and knows what she’s doing.
In truth, the apartment was furnished when we moved in so we aren’t really responsible for most of the design decisions here. The only thing that’s ours is the art on the walls. It’s a little weird reading all the nice comments directed towards me, since most of the credit should go to Adrian and Laura, our landlords who furnished the place with all these fun colorful flea-market odds and ends.

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