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BUSH OUT! word.

watched the inauguration last week (i think it was last week? i’ve been working too much and losing track of time) and it was truly a great moment. I have been waiting for this day for EIGHT YEARS! as much as I was excited to see Barack Obama inaugurated as president, i have to admit, i was even more excited to see the back side of George W Bush.


Goodbye and good riddance and I can only hope that history remembers him as the despicable, idiotic, bumbling, ruinous tyrant that he was.

Ironically, from the expatriate perspective, I think the past eight years of Bush disaster have caused the rest of the world to have more sympathy for American citizens though not the American government. Now that the rest of the world has begun to understand that Americans, too, suffer under the tyranny of an unelected, inept government run wild, I think it’s becoming easier for the rest of the world to sympathize and to understand that any given American citizen does not necessarily stand as a surrogate for American government policy. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been asked by taxi drivers or shop-keepers here: “Where are you from? Ohhh, United States? You like Bush?” and we say “NO!” and they say “Yayyy, me neither! nobody likes him, everybody hates him, yay!” and we can have a joyful bonding moment over our shared opinions, before they may or may not give me the ol’ gringo discount (that is, a $5 surcharge for being a know-nothing foreigner).

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  1. richard.lowrey

    Trying telling someone you don't like Bush in Salt lake City. Oh, the silent stares.

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