holy moly! whoopie pies!

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I grew up on whoopie pies and they’re one of the top snacks I look forward to eating when I go back to Maine for a visit. (along with lobster rolls and Italians!) I was surprised to find that nobody in New York had ever heard of them… it turned out they were just a Maine thing. Until today, when I read in the New York Times that whoopie pies are suddenly popular all across the country.

“The whoopie pie would probably be Maine‚Äôs state dessert, if the state had one.” When my out-of-state friends visited came to visit Maine with me, I was always excited to introduce them to whoopie pies but had to remember to explain that you’d better not try to consume a full-sized whoopie pie in one sitting…
Here’s the article: New York Times whoopie pie article

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  1. So glad you saw that article too! I have plans to make mini whoopie pies next weekend, if time permits. How do you think one would make the pumpkin ones? I think they would be excellent and maybe a little bit like pumpkin pie.

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