usa part one: Michigan

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We flew into Detroit, arriving on Thursday morning April 23rd. As soon as we dropped off our luggage and got cleaned up, we headed out for thai food! which was the number one thing we’d been looking forward to eating on this trip. We spent a few lovely days visiting with all kinds of family. My parents had driven out from Maine for the wedding, and we also got to meet up with my uncle David and his girlfriend Liz, who live in Grand Rapids. Then we spent time with Mike’s dad Sandy and his wife Cheri and all their lovely family, and we met Mike’s adorable new niece Riley (three months old!) and of course we spent time with Mike’s mom Bonnie and her now-husband Les, whose wedding was the reason for our whole trip! and all of their families.

Bubi Goldie and little Riley Sarah and Mike with Riley Aunt Carol entertaining Riley

There were so many delicious and fun family dinners, it’s impossible to recount them all, hopefully it is sufficient to say that we were hospitably received and very well fed.

The wedding was lovely, it was held at an old arts club in downtown Detroit, called the Scarab Club, right next to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The upstairs club room is absolutely beautiful, an arts & crafts style lounge with awesome architectural details. The wooden beams have been signed by hundreds of artists who’ve come to visit Detroit since the club was opened in the 1920’s.

the Scarab Club guests
signing the ketubah the ceremony bonnie and gela cellist cellist Bonnie and Les Judy flowers

after the ceremony we had a delicious meal and a musical performance by two cello players.

Then we killed a few hours wandering around downtown Detroit (yikes!) in our wedding togs, until it was time to meet Sandy and Cheri and Robin for some delicious BBQ at the famous Slow’s Barbeque. It was totally awesome and delicious, as promised. (this was the other top food we’d been looking forward to eating in the USA!)

Slow's Barbecue

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