usa part four: new york

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Saturday May 16th I headed down to New York (took Amtrak instead of the bus this time – nice!!!). I had a kind of panic attack as my train pulled into Penn Station because my suitcases were SO heavy and I had no idea how I was going to get from the train platform up to the street and all the way to Sara’s house in Brooklyn and I think also visiting New York just kind of stresses me out now that I don’t live there anymore! It turned out to be no problem after all, I just took a taxi, easy peasy. Sara and Pete were very nice hosts, and Sara baked a delicious pineapple upside-down cake. On Sunday I went out to White Plains and had a wonderful brunch with Barbara and Lisa, and got to see Lisa’s vegetable patch in the community gardens which was pretty neat.

lisa's apartment community gardens

Spent most of the New York visit in design mode, window-shopping and researching, took lots of fun pictures!

kate spade windows wheat pasted topshop decorations

Its always amazing to be back in Greenpoint, where I used to live almost TEN years ago! Everything has changed so much, there is so much more going on in Greenpoint now, but it’s still a really lovely little neighborhood and no longer feels as remote and disconnected as it did when I lived there. Anyway, it was fun to see this place totally unchanged:

Franklin Deli, Greenpoint

they still have the same payphone that I always used to call up to my (then) boyfriend’s apartment to say come on downstairs and meet me!

emily joanna and ben

Had a happy night out drinking beers at Botanica with New York friends, went to visit Ben’s backyard garden in Brooklyn, hung out at Emily’s house in the East Village, and on my last night went out to a Public Art Fund benefit dinner and bowling night in which I WON A BOWLING TROPHY in a fabulous surprise coup since I am usually a poor-to-horrible bowler. An excellent finish to my New York visit. This was the first time that I’ve gone back to visit New York and NOT gone in to work a bunch of hours while I’m there. It was a super short visit but I think it was a lot nicer not having to squeeze in long work days on top of visiting friends and everything.

Wednesday, May 20th: night flight back to Argentina, sad to leave behind friends and family but excited to get back to my work and routine, feeling homesick for my cozy house in Buenos Aires and Mike and dogs and studio etc…

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