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I’m about to start teaching classes again! Last semester I taught an Intro to Typography course at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco! (via their online BFA/MFA program) and this semester I’ll be teaching two classes, both Intro to Typography, one for undergraduates and one for graduate students. I’m excited!! I’m trying to do my preparatory work and plan the semester, get everything organized and sorted out before the students log in for their first day of school.

As part of my preparation I’m trying to sort out how many time changes we’ll go through in the coming semester, and it’s a lot! For September and part of October, BsAs is 4 hours ahead of San Francisco (1 hour ahead of New York). Then Argentina starts Daylight Savings Time sometime in October (not sure when. it’s a controversial political issue here and I think politicians are still arguing about the date), so then BsAs is 5 hours ahead of San Fran. Then later in the month, Daylight Savings Time will end in the Northern Hemisphere, so then BsAs is 6 hours ahead of San Francisco. Then there’s the eternal question of whether Argentina might end up canceling daylight savings time after all… because Argentina is just kind of flaky like that.

Honestly…? UGH. f*#% Time in general and Daylight Savings Time in particular.

Anyway – excited to be starting classes soon!

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