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It’s suddenly warm out! It was just winter last week and now it’s crazy hot and sweaty outside. I think I have seasonal whiplash. I was inside, doors closed, heat on, wearing several sweaters just a few days ago and now it’s shorts weather, I’ve got all the windows open and I’ve even been trying to go out and work on the terrace in the afternoons. The jasmine vines out there are blooming like mad and the smell is intoxicating. A friend told us that there’s a name for this early hot weather, it comes every year and it’s called “El Veranito de San Juan.” It’s like “Indian Summer” but the opposite. After El Veranito de San Juan, there’ll be crazy rain storms on or about August 30th (“Tormentas de Santa Rosa“) and then it’ll get cold again before it becomes spring/summer for real.

spring jasmine blooms

Anyway, the beautiful weather is making me feel SO HAPPY and excited about life and a bit manic! I’m also a little stressed with a lot of work, but I took the morning off on Saturday to get chores done and do fun springy stuff. Woke up at 8:00 am!! on a Saturday! and we hopped on our bikes and rode to Chacarita, where we stopped at our new favorite bakery and got some crusty bread plus some amazing almond croissants and pain-au-chocolat. Next stop, El Galpon, where we drank a cup of coffee and a big glass of orange-raspberry juice on the front bench, basking in the warm and glorious sunshine… then headed inside to stock up on farm-fresh veggies, cheese, eggs, smoked ham, etc! Laden down with beautiful produce, we raced back home and dropped off the groceries, picked up the dogs and took them over to the vet for bathing (yes, our vet washes dogs!) … then headed over to Av. Santa Fe to search for some kind of improvised compost container. We’ve been wanting to do composting on our terrace for ever, but we’ve never had a good container. Now that it’s warm out, we’ve bought a few plants and we’re starting to trick out our garden for the coming summer! We settled on a big blue plastic laundry hamper which is kind of ugly but it was the cheapest thing we could think of. I hope it’ll work! Came back home, picked up the soft, clean dogs and spent a few happy hours on the terrace planting stuff! We now have tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, rosemary, thyme, lavender, cilantro, and some lovely flowers underway in our container garden.

spring jasmine blooms

We drank mint iced tea and listened to stories and songs from Townes Van Zandt while planting and digging around in the dirt. Dogs rolled in dirt to get all the “clean” off. Ate some tasty snacks and sandwiches with our plunder from the farmer’s market. Good times.

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