Carmelo, Uruguay

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Went to Carmelo, Uruguay for the whole day on Sunday. I have to leave the country every few months, because I’m not a legal resident of Argentina. I just have to cross the border and then come back again. I usually just go across the river to Uruguay for a day. This time I went alone, and it was my first time visiting Carmelo. It’s really nice traveling by myself every now and then. I just walked around all day and sat around under trees, reading and drawing pictures.

There’s a central plaza with a church and a few businesses, two restaurants and the deserted Club Uruguay. Across the bridge, there’s more grass and trees, horses and goats grazing in peoples’ yards, a few boat clubs and if you walk about 20 minutes you get to the beach, it’s in a big park with campsites and a few desolate-looking beachside restaurant type places. Everyone here seems to be riding a little motor scooter, I think if I came back again I would totally look into renting a scooter too.

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