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new bag design

new baby t-shirts

I’ve been a great admirer of KOMware designs since the first time I saw them (at CouCou in Palermo). There is a wide variety of patterns and colors and products but they all fit within a very tidy palette and style of clear colors and simple shapes in repeat patterns printed on a white ground. They’re all hand-printed and constructed in Argentina, just outside of Buenos Aires. There are canvas bags (I bought one!) and lots of baby items: onesies (we bought two!) and t-shirts and leggings and also furniture with beautiful patterned cushions, which I would love to buy too. I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Pablo, the young genius behind this super fun line of products, and of course he is just as nice as his designs, and, well, I am so crazy about these designs, I have to share them! Here’s the KOM flickr page which seems to have the most updated selection of new designs.

KOM at craft fair in Villa Urquiza

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