Pumpkin Squares?

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Because it’s both summer and Christmas, and because I was feeling too hot and lazy to make a proper pumpkin pie, I am currently conducting an experiment: Easy, summery lemon squares plus festive pumpkin pie equals Pumpkin Squares! I used the crust from this lemon square recipe (which I baked up last week with delicious results), and then made up this pumpkin pie filling (more or less) and the hybrid Pumpkin Squares are in the oven now. After dinner I will report back on the results.

results: awesome. this is super delicious. The pumpkin filling itself is not the tastiest ever, it’s a little bit eggy and I guess it could’ve used more spices (or perhaps it’s just because i used a butternut squash instead of a pumpkin – proper pumpkins don’t exist in argentina!) Anyway the whole concept was a success and the result was pretty good.

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