poor old barn

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poor old barn

This is the barn on the back of our property. It used to house a dairy operation, cows and milking, probably in the 1940’s or 50’s, maybe earlier. There are old beams in there that look more than a hundred years old, like lots of farm buildings I think it’s been recycled and repurposed many times over the past century, possibly longer. Right now it’s not good for much besides wood. It looks like the structure had been altered in a number of ways (to accommodate the dairy operation) that compromised the original strength of the structure. Then the roof got leaky and, unattended, the water rotted out the structural beams that held the roof until they stopped holding the roof up anymore… We found a snapshot of it standing, looks like that was in the sixties or seventies.

a handsome barn

the barn, seen from our driveway

Right now it’s filled with junk and debris. There’s a huge toy race car perched on top of a soggy sofa. There are dozens of winter boots under a pile of rubble and broken glass. There is a rusted fridge on its side. There is a big stack of old storm windows which I think we might be able to salvage and reuse. I’ve peeked inside the doorway and gone a few steps in, but I won’t walk further in because I don’t trust the floor to hold up.

inside the ruined barn

inside the barn, first floor

For the moment we don’t have any plans for this poor old barn. We’ll probably have to take it down someday, but for now we’re just admiring what remains, it’s quite a sight. Richard salvaged two big boards from the barn to use for building our new work table! Hopefully we’ll be able to use more of the wood for projects and repairs.

dogs, barn, Judy

the back side of the barn

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