Midge’s Ice Cream

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Midge's Ice Cream

just opened for the season!

This cute little place is right down the street from our house in Limington. Perfect for biking over there on a warm summer evening. We’ve driven past it a few times and I always think “I can’t wait til they open!” So as soon as we saw the lights on, we stopped in for a taste. I had a “moose on sugar,” that is, Moose Tracks ice cream on a sugar cone. I believe Midge herself took my order.

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  1. Does Midge’s make their own ice cream? I drove by and saw a Hood’s sign, so I wasn’t sure if they sold Hood’s or not. The Moose Tracks flavor makes me think it’s Gifford’s ice cream. Does anyone know? Thanks!

  2. admin

    Hi Stephanie! I don’t think they make their own ice cream, I guess it’s Hood. It would be awesome if they had homemade – but still, that Moose Tracks is pretty tasty, whatever it is.

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