old wallpaper

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we’ve been absolutely totally busy working on the new house all the time! Lots of details and stories over here: http://www.limingtonfarmhouse.org/blog/ among other delights, It’s been great discovering layered bits of old wallpaper around the house.

goofy wallpaper layers of old wallpaper

peeling back the layers of wallpaper on the old chimney in the kitchen

more old wallpaper

a tiny snippet of wallpaper in the attic

kitchen chimney

the old chimney in the kitchen was covered with wallboard; behind that we found many layers of wallpaper and horsehair plaster over the bricks!

old wallpaper old wallpaper

old wallpaper in an upstairs closet

old wallpaper

in an upstairs bedroom

more wallpaper

more wallpaper from the kitchen

old wallpaper old wallpaper

layers of wallpaper in an upstairs closet

We got a tour of our neighbor Mike’s place, also a historical house undergoing renovation. He had some great old wallpaper too!

old wallpaper

at our neighbor Mike’s house

old wallpaper

at Mike’s house

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  1. I envy you your gorgeous old bits of wallpaper! So far we have only found a tiny bit of awesome wallpaper in our house–most has been bad 80’s paper :/ I especially love that chimney 🙂

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