first weekend at Intervale

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Mike by the fireside in Intervale first weekend in Intervale

Mike, Paprika

This weekend we went up to Intervale, New Hampshire to open up the family cottage for the season. This is a first rite of every summer and it’s usually hard work but also a pleasurable ritual that reminds me of my childhood and makes me excited about the summer days to come. This weekend was unseasonably cold and it felt like really hard work just to huddle by the fire and keep from freezing, but at the same time I was reminded that this is why I moved back home – to share in the work and enjoy cozy meals and quiet reading and good company with my family. We shared memories of my grandparents (who also spent every summer in this same cabin) and enjoyed re-telling old stories to the newer members of the family. And it was a big event for our city dogs, it was Inga’s first time ever in the forest!

emmy and inga enjoying the forest king of the hill

emmy and inga enjoying the forest

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