Pete’s Place salvage in Hollis

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my parents introduced us to this great place in Hollis, Maine, a sort of salvage yard and flea market that has a little bit of everything. I bought an old wire greeting-card rack to display my cards at craft fairs! And we’re thinking of buying an old kitchen sink from them too. Anyway, I love just poking around all the weird old stuff here.

pete's place salvage in Hollis

nice collection of old wooden crates

sink heaven

so many sinks to choose from

glass insulators

glass insulators

a trailer full of books

a trailer full of books

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  1. I did a google search for glass insulators. Your image came up. This place is about 2 and a half hours from my sister. Whenever I finally get the chance to visit, I am thinking this will have to be a place I MUST SEE. She won’t be interested so it will be on the way to or from her place, but I am thinking if it is still there, it will be oh so much fun!!!

  2. Yep! It’s still there. Definitely worth checking out!

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