Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago

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Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago

Morris & Essex booth. Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago

Morris & Essex stationery Morris & Essex stationery

Just a few weeks after our Maine craft show extravaganza, we packed up the suitcases and headed off to Chicago for another round! I printed up TONS of new t-shirts and packed them ALL into suitcases (heavy!) and was forced to get my whole craft-fair routine significantly more organized in order to fit myself and all my stuff into an airplane and not frazzle my brains too much in the process. I think I am getting better at the craft fair routine every time we do it. Renegade Chicago is a huge event! It started out a little rough on Saturday, it was raining and I wasn’t feeling well and setting up was kinda not that fun. There were LOTS of shoppers but most of them turned out to be browsers and it felt like we weren’t selling that much. But by the afternoon the sun was peeking out, things were getting funner, people started buying stuff, Mike brought me a nice cup of sangria, then Dan and Kristi and Julia stopped by to visit… by the end of the day it was all just great. Sunday was a fantastic day from beginning to end, sunny and lovely and kind of overwhelmingly busy. I did manage to slip out of the booth and wander around the fair for a while and saw all kinds of awesome stuff. I’m sure I am forgetting lots of exciting things but here are the favorites I can remember:

Shapes & Colors. These guys were super cute, their printed pillowcases and bags are simple and bright and perfect (great color palette!) and of course I was attracted to them because that is the name that Julia and I picked out last year for the awesome website that we never really made. But that’s another story.

beautiful ceramics from up in the air somewhere

Beau Ideal Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal stationery

Beau Ideal whose work is a lot like mine, only awesomer!

Mary Ink Mary Ink Mary Ink

Maryink tees

I’ve admired Maryink t-shirts for years, but never bought one – I got to meet Chris and I bought this one, only on a dark blue t-shirt.

really cute canvas bags and aprons by Winter Session

La Familia Green La Familia Green

La Familia Green

La Familia Green, whose awesome cut-paper mexican folk-art posters caught my eye on some website years ago – it was exciting to meet Mollie and of course she is really nice and sweet.

Greyhounds Only greyhound rescue

Greyhound rescue

And Mike of course made friends with the great folks at the Greyhound rescue.

renegade handmade

renegade handmade storefront in Chicago

At the end of the fair I went over to chat with the folks at the Renegade Handmade shop, and they took a bunch of my cards to sell in their shop year-round. Awesome!!

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