Valentines completed!

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All finished and ready to go! They are for sale in my etsy shop!

Here’s the letterpress valentine card:


this is the hand-carved linoleum block that I made and used to print the cards!

valentine linocut block

linocut plate, mounted on wood block

I started out with a plain old sheet of rubbery “linoleum” (it’s not truly linoleum, it’s a modern version that’s a little less brittle and easier to cut) and transferred my design onto it with pencil, then carved it up with special knives (which takes a long time and lots of care and focus!), then mounted the lino on a special wood block. My dad helped me make up a batch of these wood blocks a few months ago – they are made from nice hard, dry, maple which is an especially stable wood that shouldn’t warp or swell too much. Planed and sanded to a very exact height so it will fit in the letterpress. After the glue set, I took it over to Dunstan Press, where Mark printed up a big batch of these lovely valentine cards for me!

Here’s a cut-paper version of the same design:


cut-paper valentine

papercut valentine

paper cut valentine, hand-made vellum envelope

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