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River Liffey


We barely had any time in Dublin at all, which was a little sad because it seemed like a lovely place to hang out, but we were also starting to get worn out from travel and excitement and and missing the comforts of home a tiny bit. Part of me wanted to run around Dublin seeing everything we could possibly see in a few short days, and part of me was ready to just sit down with a Guinness and read a book. We stayed in a really comfy apartment share right in Temple Bar (but thankfully on a tiny little quiet side street, not too close to all the busy pubs).

Trinity College Trinity College

Trinity College Trinity College

Saturday morning we went to walk around Trinity College, which was beautiful in the bright sunshine. We went to look at the library, but found a loooonnngg line to get inside and decided to go have a cup of tea instead. We also visited the Archaeology collection of the National Museum of Ireland, which is housed in a pretty amazing 1880 building with a round entrance hall, elaborate mosaic floors and ornate details at every turn. The collection included a viking ship, lots of ancient celtic gold stuff, tons of artifacts from mesolithic through medieval Ireland. There was also a special exhibit of ancient mummified bog men, which was intensely creepy and interesting. From what I recall, it seems they were probably ancient tribal rulers who were ritually sacrificed and dumped into peat bogs, where their bodies are turning up now, centuries later, remarkably preserved. Some of them had fancy hairdos and jewelry, others had little plaques by them, telling what they had eaten for breakfast on the day they met their fate.

National Museum of Ireland mosaic floors

National Museum of Ireland

viking ship

viking ship, ancient artifacts, lovely architecture at the National Museum of Ireland

We talked about going to visit the Guinness brewery, but ended up sitting at The Stags Head drinking a Guinness instead. Normally I kind of hate Guinness but I always heard it tastes better in Ireland so I thought I’d better try it. It was OK!

the stag's head

We wandered across the river and poked into some interesting shops, ended up at a fun flea market / craft fair / beer garden / rooftop cookout place where I bought a really cute little hand-dyed book-bag for €1. At night we walked through the crowds in Temple Bar, heard music coming from a doorway and squeezed in to see some music and drink some whiskey. And then in the morning… back on a plane from Dublin to Boston and back home again! A few more Dublin photos here.

leaving ireland

green Ireland / homeward bound

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