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crafternoon dress fitting with Amy

bunting factory / dress fitting with Amy

After we got back from our travels, we had just a few weeks to get ready (and get our house ready!) for the wedding. We had a lot of help from friends and family- THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Amy finished up my fabulous dress, and Mike’s fancy trousers arrived in the mail. We did all kinds of mowing and earth-moving and landscaping and produced a miraculous transformation in our backyard. There was a flurry of spackling and painting and trimming inside the house. Our new bathroom hatched from its cocoon, complete with a newly refurbished bathtub. Then I got awfully sick with strep throat, maybe the result of too much excitement and not enough rest and sleep. And there was a hurricane, just to spice things up a little. All in all, we got so much done in just a few short weeks – pretty amazing!

new trim on the kitchen window!

painting trim in the kitchen

judy sands and paints new doors curtain

Judy & Stephanie help with painting / Aunt Barbara sewed new curtains

queen of the stone wall

George and Fausto built us new stone walls

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