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photo by Pamela Vachon

We got married! It was really fun.

Sometimes (many, many times) it seemed like a crazy idea to get married at our house, in our back yard, in the middle of trying to renovate our house, especially since our back yard was nothing but a giant pile of garbage and tenacious weeds and brambles. But I think the whole idea is about being together, with your entire family and your whole circle of wonderful human beings, and being who you are, how you are, all together. We wouldn’t want to get married in some impersonal place, all dressed in white and made up to look like different people. We just wanted to have a big fun party with everyone we love, in our own space. And we did, and it was great. I wish we could have so many of our favorite people together in one place more often.

We cannot thank our friends and family and neighbors enough for all the incredible amounts of hard work that everyone did to help us get everything ready!!!!! We got SO MUCH work done in a big hurry because of this big exciting deadline, and because of the generous help of so many friends and family!

Judy with bunting paper bunting

invitation screenprinting

making the save-the dates and screenprinting invitations, pictures by Eliza
rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal Dinner pictures by Sandy Topper

wedding day pathway. Chris Hassiotis

bunting. Pamela Vachon
the bar 

the bar the bar

the bar. Pamela Vachon


IMG_0768 IMG_0764


IMG_0773 IMG_0767

eliza smiles bunting

Mike and Eliza. Elizabeth Press

photos by Elizabeth Press
Anson family family 

order neighbors

mike eliza, drew and stacey sarah and paul

photos by Pamela Vachon
Mike and Dan and Kristi smiles

Fausto and ladies Cat and Josh

barn and bunting and snacks Judy and Jason

the big party


Toppers the big party

under the tent Erica, Jacob, Annie

Julie, Rebecca and Mike wedding

Pictures by Ben Lipkin
Mike and Bonnie

sara, mike, bonnie and les Sara and Eric

Pictures by Bonnie Topper Bricker
andrew Yelena and Sara

table and chandelier stacey and drew

the big party the big party

Pictures by Victoria Kerezsi
Amy and Paz Yelena and Sara and George

Lulu and Mike and Paz

lulu and george eliza and lulu

Kristi and Dan EP and kat and josh

handsome gents Amy and Barbara

Paz and Mike Lulu Eliza and Paz

Paz and Lulu alicia and eliza

pictures by Ludmila Svoboda
friends under the tent Jan

Meghan, Pete and Sean Andrew and Vickie

amy and annie Denise, Don and Mike

stephanie and jennifer Amy and Sara

Ward and Fordyce, Lara and Anson Mat, Beth and Donna

pictures by Eliza
Meghan and Pete the big party 

the big party delicious snacks

nibbles bunting

the big party friends

wedding Judy and Joel


the big party in the tall grass

pictures by Maria Paz Garaloces
kisses kisses mikeneliza


pictures by Pamela Vachon
ceremony, elizas dress

emily eepee and eliza dan

watching watching






ceremony, laughing


ceremony pictures by Elizabeth Press, Ben Lipkin, Victoria Kereszi, Ludmila Svoboda and Maria Paz Garaloces
Mike Mike Mike

Mike Eliza

Mike Mike

ceremony pictures by Pamela Vachon
into the tent

Bonnie's poem Sandy and Bonnie

Bonnie's poem

Sandy speaks

mike & eliza

richard Bonnie's poem

Sandy and Bonnie speak before dinner

dinner dinnertime


Mike & Family

pear tree whiskey toast

pretty lights

pretty lights paper lantern

after dinner. pictures by Pamela Vachon

bonfire by the campfire

bonfire. pictures by Victoria Kerezsi and Maria Paz Garaloces.



sparklers and dancin. pictures by Liza
dancing dancing

IMG_0798 dancing! more fire things

sparkler time jacob and sparklers

fun times! pictures from Eepee, Bonnie, and Jacob.

late night bonfire. Elizabeth Press

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