Summer with Hattie

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Life with this little munchkin is pretty amazing. And pretty exhausting. The great thing about taking lots of pictures is that on quiet evenings, when she’s sleeping sweetly, I can look through my photos of the day, and just enjoy that amazing little face without the distraction of wondering what she just put in her mouth, or trying to figure out what’s wrong this time, or wondering if she ought to be going down for a nap soon… Anyway, I can’t believe what a lot of fun we’ve had this summer! We’ve been all over the place. And we’ve enjoyed sitting at home, working in the garden, going for a swim at our local spot, doing all the great summer stuff that’s even better (and/or more complicated) with a little sidekick riding along.

Nature lovin' baby #hattiegram She likes it! ❤️ #hattiegram Hattie at Hermit Falls. Showing off her Morris & Essex fungus t-shirt! #hattiegram #mainesummer First taste of watermelon! / first snack in her new high chair. #hattiegram #mainesummer Summit baby! Featuring the #morrisandessex #mushroom #baby t-shirt. #hattiegram #acadia #mainesummer #hiking Cold beach, baby bear. Naskeag Point. #hattiegram #mainesummer

Happy baby with Aunt Amy. Tasting beach rocks. #hattiegram Thank you Emma @triumphstreettextiles for the perfect blanket! #hattiegram #handmade

Hattie's having the vegetarian option. #hattiegram Hello, Detroit! Little jet-setter had a great time on the flight!! Air travel, NBD. #hattiegram Babys first lunch at Zingermans! #hattiegram #pickles

Visiting Papa's school. Also Great-Grandpa Curtis's school too. Maybe little Hattie will want to study here too, someday. For now, she likes the grass here. #hattiegram Lemon wedge. #hattiegram Covered bridge. #hattiegram

Hello Montpelier! #roadtrip #hattiegram Hattie y la fuente. Gracias a @sergio__ca por la foto! Yesterday morning: at the beach with Grammy. Already wishing we were back there! #hattiegram #mainesummer

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