Hattie at 8 months.

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Hattie turned 8 months in Montreal! We were near the end of 3 weeks traveling, carrying her collapsible cosleeper bassinet with us, by plane and by car, everywhere we went. In Michigan she got to meet her big-kid cousins and her great grandmother Bubi Goldie! and see lots of other family too – she loved them all! but it was especially lovely to see her playing together with her cousins, there’s some special magic between little kids and babies. She was so calm and happy with them around! 

By the time we got to Montreal, she’d been away from home for over two weeks, her first tooth was just starting to break through, and she was coming down with her first cold! And she was still a pretty good sport. She loved spending time with Tio Leandro and Tio Sergio and she charmed all the memeres in the streets in Montreal.

We took her 8 month picture a little late, when we finally got back home from our travels.

At 8 months, Hattie’s loving some foods, like hummus, fresh cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, prune purée… and also enjoys rubbing food in her ears, her hair, squeezing it between her fingers, chewing it up and spitting it out, etc… She LOVES  drinking water from a sippy cup and she’s finally starting to take some milk from a bottle!!!  She’s sitting up like a boss, no problem. She’s starting to play with toys, now that she can sit- she can keep herself busy for a few minutes, I love it! She “crawls” on her belly and she can scoot across the kitchen pretty fast! She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back & forth but when she wants to get somewhere, she flops onto her belly to get the job done. She’s just starting to pull herself up on things- it’s really hard to change her diapers cause she is so busy trying to roll over and climb up the wall. She’d love to climb up my legs, too. She has a new smile that is very intense and funny. And she has a great laugh, if you kiss her belly or her ears. 

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