Fall in Kennett Square

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It’s been a hectic time of transitions and unpredictability, but it feels very nice to be nestled in back at home and settling into the steady routine of a school semester now.

Hattie is miraculously starting Kindergarten in person at her amazing (and mostly-outdoors) Fairville Friends School. We feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such a special community there, and this fall it’s one of the only schools that is still able to meet in-person despite the pandemic and quarantine. (They are able to do this because they have so much outdoor space! Which is exactly why we chose Fairville, of course we had no idea there was a pandemic coming but we feel like it’s so important for kids to be growing & learning outdoors every day and every year, and it turns out to be just the right thing for Kindergarten during COVID times.) I cannot say enough times how grateful we are to have this special place and this fortunate situation – I know how hard it is for everyone who’s trying to manage kids doing virtual Kindergarten right now.

Sadie will hopefully be starting morning Pre-K at the Kennett Square Montessori school at the YMCA next week! It seems like another wonderful place and I really, really hope she will like it. She’s been a little forlorn about Hattie going off to Kindergarten, so I think it will be really good for her to have her own school experience and meet some new friends. And they will get to go swimming in the pool every Thursday!


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