Canadian quarantine, day 8.

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Feeling very restless and impatient to go out and explore! But we’re so lucky to have this great house to stay in, at least it’s a very cozy and beautiful home to be stuck in. We’ve been doing lots of arts & crafts projects, puzzles and legos, running around and playing soccer outside whenever the sun comes out. We set up our tent in the back yard for a while, just to have some backyard pretend adventures. We’re still adjusting to the change in time zone and the longer daylight hours… took this picture of glowing sunset light at 9:15 last night! Trying to make the most of being stuck at home while we wait out our 14-day quarantine. I truly love the simple pace of quarantine life, no rushing off to get somewhere or feeling overwhelmed by busy schedules. No more packing boxes or travel planning, at least for now. That feels like a blessing. The kids seem to be simultaneously enjoying the family time and also a bit disoriented and stressed about all these big changes. I think that big moves and quarantine times are easier to manage for a 4-year-old than they are at age 6. Hopefully it’s all for the best, in the long run. And I’m pretty sure we’ll all be super excited to get out and explore our new city together, soon.

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