Middle Cove

We had a warm and gusty Saturday afternoon, it felt like one of those moody times before a storm arrives, when the air feels thick despite the blustery wind. Middle Cove was the last spot on our list of recommended whale-watching / beach spots, so we decided to take our chances with the dark clouds and go check it out. You can drive up to a lookout on top of the cliffs so we hung out there for a while, watching for whales in the cove. I think Mike saw some spouting out there, but the kids were too busy climbing on the railings and scaring me by the cliff’s edges, so we went down to explore the beach.

Just like Topsail beach, it’s all smooth rocks and pebbles, no sand. The rocks are so beautiful! But it’s hard for the kids to walk on. There are craggy rocks and cliffs all around, so Harriet, our little mountain goat, was eager to clamber all over the rocks rather than hanging out by the water. Up and up and up on the rocks until she gave us more than a few scares scampering around tempting danger, but she discovered a staircase built into the top of the rocks, and a trail along the cliffside into the woods. It turned out to be a section of the East Coast Trail, which connects so many of the beautiful spots on our peninsula. This is the Silver Mine Head Path, going from Middle Cove to Torbay. The kids didn’t want to go hiking into the woods with me, but I loved the wildflowers on top of the bluff and the views from the cliffside trail! I can’t wait to come back here again to hike the trail sometime.

There were groups and families with bonfires up and down the beach, having picnics or catching capelin. One kiddo ran up to Harriet and asked if she and Sadie would like to come play with her by the water, of course Harriet was delighted! They were a big family with lots of cousins, someone caught a crab and brought it around to show all the kiddos before they tossed him back in the water. Harriet’s new friend was very sweet and charming and fun! Her mom passed out lollipops to all the kids, there was much delight and celebration. Then the raindrops finally started and everyone packed up, just in time to head home for dinner.

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