All of Harriet’s wonderful things

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The first thing is a collar that came with my Glitter Girl pet. I don’t have a Glitter Girl yet but I’m going to earn one with saving up my allowance. I saw them at the toy store. This dog is named Lolly. I want my own a Glitter Girl that I pick out myself. I saw last time I went to the toy store that they have so many different Glitter Girls with lots of accessories and pets.

Next is the legos. I was building a Lego Friends horse ranch. I finished it and it was really cool! But then I saw the other ranch. It was really cool. I wanted to do it but I had to take apart the first ranch to make it. I made it and it was really cool and also there was a little tree house and there was a hideaway in the treehouse!

Third picture is a puppy cafe that I built out of legos. It delivers dog food and it comes with special whipped cream on top for the dogs birthday!

I was at a beach but there was a lot of dead fish there. I was climbing on the rocks with Sadie but then a girl came over. She asked if I could play with her. She couldn’t go up on the rocks so I had to go over where she was, near the water, with a bonfire. Her mom gave out ring pops. Ring pops are lollipops on a ring so you can put them on your finger and then suck on them. I had a green one. That’s why I had a green tongue.

This is at the farmers market. We just came out of it. We both finished a giant vanilla ice cream cone. It was super big! There was this rainbow of colors that somebody painted on the street. We ran across it. Well Sadie ran across it. I stayed behind.

It was our first day out of quarantine! We were at a cafe. I drew a really pretty fairy. I outlined it with orange colored pencil. Her name is Lilyanna.

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  1. Bonnie Topper-Bricker

    What a wonderful time you are having. Everyday is an adventure. Thanks for telling us about your new home. We can’t wait to visit. Love you, Bubie Bonnie and Les

  2. Nana Judy Curtis

    Dear Harriet, How neat to see what you are doing up there! Lilyanna has a beautiful name, and picture. I’m glad that they have fairies up in Canada. Maybe they have even more up there. I know that you will be encountering the tooth fairie pretty darn soon. I think that we all will need a picture of lLoly’s dog’s color when it is finished. (I was thinking that the color got some decorations on it.)
    Also, I’m wondering what the library visit was like; and what books did you take out? Love, Nana

  3. Lisa Curtis

    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful adventures you’ve had!

    I will admit that I was very distracted by the red dress you’re wearing ~ it looks so special on you. Thank you for sharing this!

    You are becoming quite the artist! Love your fairy drawings ~ so pretty she is.

    Much love,

  4. Alicia Curtis

    Thanks for sharing your nifty things and fun adventures! I can’t wait to visit and see you all in your new home! Much love, Aunt Alicia

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