City views

Trying to shake off some stress and tension from waiting for house news and living in limbo, I dropped off the kids at morning summer camp and went off for a walk all by myself. I’m curious to explore the cliff neighborhood around the Battery, but I sort of wandered off course and ended up on the side of Signal Hill, near the Johnson Geo Center. There’s a little lake there, surrounded by trails and lots of interpretive signage explaining the history of the area. Apparently lots of battles took place on this hill, but I was more excited to spot some ripe blueberries growing on the rocky hillside. Excited to finally find a good batch of ripe berries, I wandered off the trail and caught sight of the stunning views beyond. Soon I was sitting right in a big patch of blueberries, eating happily and looking out at the world below. It’s such a perfect spot to look out across the entire harbor and the whole city!

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  1. Alicia Curtis

    Wow, that is stunningly beautiful!!

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