East Coast Trail – Silver Mine Head Path

We celebrated the very last day of summer vacation with a beautiful hike on the East Coast Trail. This whole trail is amazing but I had no idea how spectacular this segment would be. Every moment of the walk was breathtaking. It’s is a relatively short easy hike with stunning views all the way, and a fun beach of smooth rocks at the end. We will definitely come back and do this again. I can tell it’s going to be a favorite!

At the trailhead in Torbay
This amazing spot with a cove and a stream, a waterfall into the ocean and this adorable bridge!
Homemade apple muffins!
Harriet without her two front teeth!
Mike running to catch up with kids – trying hard to keep them within arms reach when we’re near the top of these cliffs!
The beach at the end of the trail
Heading back the way we came
Sadie found this sweet hand-painted rock that someone had placed by the trail

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  1. We are breathless…

  2. Judy and Richard Curtis

    You are so full of such spectacular breath taking cliffs and water and rocks. How does anyone get time to build a city where just plain old things happen? Amazed, Judy

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