Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic!

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This weekend was Mike’s first weekend off from work! He’s been either on-call, or waiting for calls to ride along with the primary on-call vet every weekend since we got here. He’s gotten some good learning experiences, and survived his first weekend working solo as the primary on-call weekend vet. (Hooray! It was a doozie but he got through it!!) So we haven’t been able to plan ahead much for weekend expeditions, and we’ve had to stay pretty close to home for our family hikes. This was our first chance to take a little bit longer expedition all together with the four of us, and Mike booked us a really cool meal out at the old lighthouse in Ferryland! It’s an hour and a half drive down the coast, following part of the Irish Loop. This is a stunning piece of coastline with new and historic towns and harbours set amongst gorgeous cliffs and islands.

We turned off route 10 at the Colony of Avalon, an archaeological site and interpretive centre we’re hoping to visit one day- this is the site of an early 17th-century English settlement. We drove partway down a narrow peninsula towards the lighthouse, then parked at a gravel lot and continued on foot.

It’s a beautiful, fairly flat half-hour hike out to the lighthouse, on a trail that leads through trees with glimpses out over the water.

Mike waited by the lighthouse for our picnic meal to come out, while we set up our blanket and enjoyed the sunshine and the view.

We had some delicious sandwiches on homemade molasses oat bread (curried chicken salad for me and ham & brie with chutney for Mike, grilled cheese for kiddos) and lemonade for everyone.

After lunch we explored the seashore and rocks around the lighthouse.

Out at the end of the point, we saw two seals playing in the water near the rocks, watching us as we watched them floating and diving.

There were some remarkable striped rocks at the end of the point, and beautiful views down the shore beyond.

After a good wander around the point, the sun was sinking lower and we started the walk back, enjoying the golden glow on the woods and shoreline.

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  1. Judy and Richard Curtis

    I want a lighthouse that serves good food too. What a beautiful day. (There were a few pictures that I choose to believe you took lying on your belly.) Love, Judy

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