Moving day(s)

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Closing day!
Our realtor took this picture of us right after we got the keys for the new house!
Feeling so lucky to live on this beautiful street! Lots of trees and beautiful old houses.
Kids love giant couch boxes.
Beautiful fireplace details. The fireplace in the kitchen is not functional; the one in the living room has a propane insert.
These stairs are very crooked, and beautiful
Stained glass on the stair landing
I love all the giant windows!
Master bedroom
Kids are helping me assemble the new sectional couch.
Sadie approves.
New couch is good for headstands! The living room is on the second floor. That doorway leads out to the upper level of the two-story deck.
Newel posts are good for swinging around.
All of our stuff arrived from Maine! But we don’t have anywhere to put things away yet. We got some Ikea shelves and stuff, but they’re still in boxes so this is the state of things at the moment.
Building a bunk bed for Harriet
Listening to Abba, playing cards, and putting together a new bed.
Laika helping Sadie get comfortable at bedtime. It’ll take another day or two before we get her bed built so she’s got a mattress on the floor for the moment.

We are SO EXCITED to finally have our own home!! There are many, many projects and to-do-lists already! It’s an old house and it’s got some beautiful features but it’s also been through some terribly sloppy “updates” and “renovations” as well as deferred maintenance over the years. There are lots of crooked floors, questionable molding, rotten windowsills, lack of insulation, etc. so we’ll definitely be busy taking care of all these projects and repairs! But in general it’s a gorgeous house, full of sunlight and good energy, it’s on the most beautiful street in the exact neighborhood we really wanted to live in! We’re on a quiet one-way street, walkable to everything, we have a huge park with a great playground nearby, the art museum a few blocks away, and the best bakery in the city is right at the end of our block. We got a wonderful house with the driveway we need (for Mike’s vet truck) and the nice big back yard we wanted, right in the place we wanted to be. So we’re feeling enormously grateful and happy and excited to be here!!! Thank you so much to everybody who helped us get here!! ❤️

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  1. Alicia Curtis

    Hooray! Looks like a wonderful place for creating lots of fun family memories!

  2. Mazel Tov,
    We are so happy you have arrived safely to your “new” house. We are impressed with your energy and delight. We hope the renovations are easy. Looking forward to seeing the house and all of you next year. Love to all!

  3. Looking amazing! Yippee for lovely details that you can focus on while you slowly tackle the windowsills and such ~ a great start to your new home. Hugs and love ~

  4. Judy and Richard Curtis

    Oh Hooray!!What a long haul to get there! But moving to a new country with two young children is always a big deal. Sure glad that you have gotten company already. Much love, Judy

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