Goat Shores path, Harbour Grace

We bundled up on a bitter cold and windy day, just wanted to get out of the house for an hour or two. Newfoundland is in the midst of a huge covid surge, by far the worst yet of the pandemic. School closed early ahead of winter vacation and we’re doing our best to isolate til the infection rates go down again. So we’ve all been spending a lot of time at home, and if it stops raining long enough to get outdoors then we try to get out there, even if it’s awfully cold and windy!

We wanted to stay away from the iciest trails and high seaside cliffs, so we thought this looked like a nice safe trail, but of course the kiddos wanted to run off the trail and scramble right down onto the rocky beach. The sea and mountains and the low clouds were gorgeous and the beach had beautiful expanses of rounded, multicolored rocks. Kiddos were most interested in climbing up the huge, jagged rocks and exploring the icy crevasses along the shore.

It was all good fun and adventure til Sadie scrambled up onto a high rock and toppled right off the top, backwards, headfirst towards the rocks below. I nearly died of fright, I don’t know how she managed to land on her bum and not her head, but I picked her up and she was all in one piece, amazingly unharmed except for a little bruise on her back side. I was so scared I ran straight back up the trail as fast as I could, carrying her in my arms, til I ran out of breath and then she hopped down from my arms and scrambled off across the dry grassy hill and I realized we weren’t going to have to rush her off to the ER after all. We had a rest then, cookies all around, and enjoyed the view from the top of the hill. We didn’t end up getting much hiking done after all, but we were happy enough to head back home and warm up by the fire.

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  1. Maybe you should put a lot of padding (hockey padding) on her when you go for a walk. I have to say she is just like her father when he was her age. Good luck.

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