Hello Lucky giveaway winner!

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At last, we have a WINNER for the Hello Lucky giveaway. Lucky Emily McConnell of Portland, Maine will receive $100 to spend on Hello Lucky stationery, such as these custom photo cards (or any of the other great stuff from … Continued

new tote bag!

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I’m collaborating with Lillianka on a new project! We met at a craft fair last year and I liked her bags and we started scheming right away… So, this is the new venture. I print patterns on canvas, and Lillian … Continued

new york long weekend

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Rebecca & Julie’s wedding was a great reason to be in New York for a few days! It was an amazing wedding (in a bookstore! with a Dirty Dancing re-enactment!) and a gorgeous visit all around.


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I’ve been using this sporadically for a while, but just recently have gotten into checking in every day. I don’t know which is more fun, pinning things on all of my boards, or poring through all the awesome stuff everyone … Continued

early snow

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fall leaves & wet snow All this snow on the ground, and leaves still on the trees!

Sacred and Profane, Peaks Island

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Perfect fall day, we took the ferry out to Peaks to see the Sacred and Profane at Battery Steele. I’ve been a fan (and sometimes participating artist) since the beginning, but I’d missed the past four years, since we were … Continued

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