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new bag design new baby t-shirts I’ve been a great admirer of KOMware designs since the first time I saw them (at CouCou in Palermo). There is a wide variety of patterns and colors and products but they all fit … Continued

korean food!

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For years we’ve been talking about going out to Flores (a slightly-off-the-beaten-track barrio of Buenos Aires) and searching for Korean food. Apparently there’s been a Korean community in Flores for decades, but it isn’t a touristy destination like Chinatown; it’s … Continued

h o m e

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yay! i’m so happy to be back home after my lengthy travels. I returned home to unreasonably beautiful, warm weather (75 degrees in the *wintertime*!) and enormous protests in the streets about tuesday’s senate vote on farm taxes (mike got … Continued

sweet relief

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these pics are from last week, the left hand one is in Buenos Aires during a relatively breathable moment on Friday afternoon and the right-hand one is in Montevideo on Saturday. the smoke is lots better now. that sucked. i … Continued


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……….. i promised myself not to post any more boring whiny quality-of-life posts (see: internet disaster) for a while, but OH MY GOD. this is so so so so intense i can’t not write about it. Buenos Aires is totally … Continued