blue stripes

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Harvey Faircloth capelet. I should be doing work but I’ve been wandering around the internet instead, and I found this nice little cape which I can’t afford to buy, but just looking at it put me in a better mood … Continued


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new bag design new baby t-shirts I’ve been a great admirer of KOMware designs since the first time I saw them (at CouCou in Palermo). There is a wide variety of patterns and colors and products but they all fit … Continued


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man, I have been totally crazy these past few weeks, working on this and that and the other. Teaching, freelance work, endless errands, chores, etc. It all kind of blurs together. Except for one awesome thing that I did the … Continued

winter at home

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it’s cold here! while all my northern-hemisphere friends are hooting and hollering about their sweaty carefree summers, we’re bundled up in sweaters, hovering over the gas heater and staying indoors, snuggling with the pups to keep warm. we did a … Continued

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