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i’m obsessed with this website. i discovered it a few months ago when a photo of my cards was posted on ffffound.com and suddenly i got a bunch of orders that said “i saw your cards on ffffound.com!” so I … Continued

i’m working on…

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making a new portfolio of my design work. i’ve been putting this off for a while but i’m finally making it happen. it’s a ton of work!!!

oooh! pretty.

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I just fell in love with these beautiful patterns from a danish textile company called kragh rosenberg. I love all the purple and blue and white, and the tiny dots, and i love the Bargello-looking zigzag pillow pattern. I found … Continued

And while I’m at it

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this is my new favorite thing to look at. a blog by a designer named Abby Clawson Low. i also really like her design work. i love the visual balance of white and colors on this blog, and i love … Continued

design admiration

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i forget how i came across this stuff on the internet, but i really like this picture, and here are some cute elephants too. both designed by Angel D’Amico who also has nice prints and shirts available for sale at … Continued

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