Moving day(s)

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We are SO EXCITED to finally have our own home!! There are many, many projects and to-do-lists already! It’s an old house and it’s got some beautiful features but it’s also been through some terribly sloppy “updates” and “renovations” as … Continued


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House. May 2013 So, here’s what the house looks like these days. Doesn’t look too different from the outside, but see those ladders? We’re working on it! Three years in to this house project, and we’re hoping to get a … Continued


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bunting factory / dress fitting with Amy After we got back from our travels, we had just a few weeks to get ready (and get our house ready!) for the wedding. We had a lot of help from friends and … Continued

old wallpaper

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we’ve been absolutely totally busy working on the new house all the time! Lots of details and stories over here: among other delights, It’s been great discovering layered bits of old wallpaper around the house. peeling back the layers … Continued

poor old barn

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This is the barn on the back of our property. It used to house a dairy operation, cows and milking, probably in the 1940’s or 50’s, maybe earlier. There are old beams in there that look more than a hundred … Continued

Our first visit to the new house

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our first visit to our new house! My mom made this beautiful banner out of paper towels and the letters cut out of feed sack. The house was very cold but exciting to see.

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