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man, I have been totally crazy these past few weeks, working on this and that and the other. Teaching, freelance work, endless errands, chores, etc. It all kind of blurs together. Except for one awesome thing that I did the … Continued

Carmelo, Uruguay

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Went to Carmelo, Uruguay for the whole day on Sunday. I have to leave the country every few months, because I’m not a legal resident of Argentina. I just have to cross the border and then come back again. I … Continued

B R A Z I L !

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I’ve been kind of obsessed with visiting Brazil since about 10 minutes into my first listen to an Astrud Gilberto record in college. I guess that lots of people around the world grow up watching american TV and movies and … Continued

usa part two: road trip!

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monday morning, on the road again. We stopped first at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor to get some crusty bread and other goodies for the road. They hand out all kinds of free samples in there! I tried a really interesting … Continued

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